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Siphon / Product diversion

250L reserved after discharge, to be siphoned later…..

Why PRODUCT DIVERSION when SOLUTIONS are AVAILABLE here in NIGERIA. Real time monitoring of precise location of trucks and volume of products being hauled.

How could they have left our borders without any alarms raised? This really baffles me. With solutions like this, you will at your comfort, view real time locations of your fleet, where they discharged and the exact volume discharged.

Truck overfilling beyond ullage point for ulterior motives can be detected.

Below is an example of a 50,000L capacity (10,000L per compartment) truck that was overshot by 1,375L….

Object 32_Screenshot_main screen_AGO

Product Overshot

Truck and Fuel Management System

Birthday or Blazeday? Think Safety!!!fire safety

The following happened in Old GRA, Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria – 1997 (I was 7 years old then).

It was about 22:59 C.A.T. and I was far from sleepy, playing video games with Daniel – my elder brother. The excitement of staying up late to see mum finish baking and icing my kid sisters birthday cake was more thrilling at the moment than the games played to while away the time.

Suddenly, mum ran out of the kitchen in fierce panic, the next thing I observed was smoke everywhere, from the kitchen into the living room. Heat, more smoke and more panic, voice alarms raise all the more. Where was dad, where was mum, where was Daniel and Deborah – my kid sister.

At that brief moment of confusion, I realized we had run into a fire crisis – an unforeseen accident. What was meant to be the eve of a beautiful birthday had turned into the eve of horror.

No smoke detectors, no heat detectors, no fire alarm, no fire extinguishers, no hydrant system, no water sprinkler system, no emergency action plan. Just neighbors calling out from outside the fence to a family stuck in fire and smoke.

These memories have remained with me through the years as I have grown up.
Needless to say; I made it out alive, we all made it out alive. Nevertheless, I know so many families that never had it fortunate enough to make it out of a fire accident.

Not only families, but businesses, assets, factories, investments and many more have been raised down by fire because there was no fire safety equipment in place for both preventive and corrective incidents.

Lets be honest, no one plans for it but one way or the other we just see it happen or hear it over the news.
We may have little or no value for assets, but when it comes to the human life it is invaluable.



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Narrated by:

David Hero