Fuel Monitoring System Nigeria

Fuel monitoring system

Fuel monitoring system,In today’s economic situation, business owners are working hard to improve productivity and eliminate losses in every way they can. Every drop counts! In view of this, our robust monitoring system helps you eliminate pilferage or adulteration of petroleum products being transported to various locations, it gives you real time reports of volume, density and temperature in your fuel tankers in transit, improves the effectiveness of fleet and staff management thereby saving you time and money.

The fuel monitoring system is quite cost effective and helps in tracking the data by the help of mobile phones or computers.
Different aspects of fuel management can be incorporated by checking different driving methods of the driver and reduce the operation costs.
It gives information about how much fuel was filled where and the consumption in various different cases.
Immediate change in fuel level alerts are automatically sent to the owner thereby notifying him of various different activities happening with the fuel.

Fuel protection in tankers

Fuel protection is protected to the least litre with our Fluid Protect System, giving you real-time reports of the condition of your products in transit as well as driver behaviors.

Fuel measuring equipment

Fuel measuring equipment is to measure and report volumes, temperatures and density of fuel in both your stationary tanks and mobile trucks. With the likes of our Fluid Protect, PMG10 and tank content gauges, we meet your complex needs.The Netsach system solution offers first-class solutions for company filling stations

Fuel station management

Our Fuel Station Solution serves the purpose of measuring volumes of products in underground tanks, displaying them on a display unit and also reporting results to mobile devices of authorized personnel remotely. The fuel monitoring graph also provides with a number of features to view the fuel consumption thereby indicating driving quality of the drivers thereby providing you with the perfect drivers suited for the jobs