A Little About Us

Netsach Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company incorporated in the year 2005 with the aim of providing Engineering solutions to companies in the oil sector.

Today, because of the growing demand for broad-based capability in engineering to tackle present day industry challenges, Netsach Limited has become a major service provider in the upstream and downstream sector majoring in four critical areas.

Clients and Partners

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What We Offer

Engineering design and construction (ED&C)

Design and Construction of New Facilities

Netsach Limited has over the years proven to be a credible company in the areas of Engineering designs and construction of Oil & gas / harbour facilities, consciously setting and practising stringent global safety standards both at office environments and on all project sites.
We carry out the following specifically:

Power and process piping design and construction
• Piping system design and construction
• Turbine and Power system installations.
• Tank and Pipe cleaning Services

Pressure vessel Design and Construction
• Construction of Oil and Gas storage facilities
• Design and construction of Oil and Gas Dispensing system
• Engineering equipment procurement and supplies

Design and construction of Harbour Facilities
• Construction of Jetties/shoreline protection
• Shore loading and offloading Facilities
• Construction of mooring Bollards and Dolphins

All these we design and build from start to finish. Our designs include:
• Conceptual designs
• Front end engineering designs
• Basic engineering designs

Upgrade and Maintenance of Existing Facilities

We are committed to maintaining the integrity of facilities and optimizing them to maximize financial gains for our clients.
Netsach is able to offer preventive, predictive and required maintenance for process plants in the oil & gas / maritime industries.

Project Management

Netsach limited with its group of highly skilled and experienced engineers / managers , also take on project management and consultancy tasks for clients who have an already conceived idea of projects they want to embark on, but need technical and professional assistance for safe and proper execution of their projects to bring desired results and satisfaction.
We have managed projects and provided professional advices to a handful of companies and individuals at reasonable costs so as to build good and beneficial relationships with our clients, and we have amazing accreditations to show for it.

Safety Systems and Reliability Services

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Safety Systems

Safety is of top priority in many organizations today as it is important to control the loss of life and property, and damage to the environment. Safety codes and standards are to be strictly adhered to as they are taken seriously by management of organizations and even the government.

We help you maintain a high standard of safety as we undertake planning, engineering designs, procurement and installation of complete safety systems as well as upgrade of existing safety systems e.g. automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing equipments e.t.c.

We manage and execute maintenance schedule of safety systems, as well as emergency repairs. Scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs are planned and carried out in such a manner as to minimize downtime.

Asset & Integrity Management

Facility Management:

All companies and operators in the oil and gas industry are under increasing pressures to meet stringent technical and commercial criteria, such as achieving and maintaining production targets, minimise production costs, whilst maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.

Netsach Limited provides a proven methodology and designated Asset Management Professionals to optimize spare parts inventory, simplify repair transactions and drive costs savings.

So for every facility, we:

1. Manage obsolescence
2. Identify opportunities for standardization
3. Flag common mode failures
4. Provide accurate data to improve maintenance decisions.
5. Facility rehabilitation and Maintenance Services
6. Facility Conditioning monitoring Services
7. Pipeline Integrity Assessment and rehabilitation

Safety Systems Reliability Management Services.
Netsach Limited executes this service to help client know the current state of installations in the facility and give Management a sense of control and safety assurance. It involves:
1. Design adequacy assessment evaluation
2. System, component and structure codification
3. Safety system maintenance and monitoring
4. Safety case studies
5. Safety system design and installation services.
6. Procurement and supply of fire & Fritz Emde Safety Equipment, pumps, valves , compressors

All Business Solutions are carried out using state of the art technology to achieve outstanding results.

Tracking and Security

Security has been one of our topmost concerns in Nigeria today and the world at large. Due to the incessant increase in crime rate, a thirst for a more advanced form of security measure was created in the minds of people.

This was partly due to the fact that the existing security measures have proven to be ineffective most of the time and also, partly due to the advanced method used by those who perpetrate evil.

Also in today’s economic situation, business owners are working hard to improve production and cut waste in every way they can. In view of this, our robust tracking and security systems give you the information you need to make strategic decisions to improve the efficiency and operation of your fleet, equipments and staff saving you time and money.

This system gives you direct access to the GOTS (global object tracking system) web service where you can monitor drivers’ speed, location, departure/arrival time and equipment work rate plus an equipment maintenance schedule without the intervention of a third party.

We ensure tracking and security for freight containers, transport crates of all kinds, trailers, fuel tankers, vehicles of any type, construction machinery, warehouses and high value facilities etc.

HR Services

Netsach complement’s clients’ effort by sourcing, selecting recruiting and managing qualified and competent personnel for safe and profitable business operations on client work sites.

It would further ensure proficiency levels by investing in human capital training and talent management by effectively reviewing and monitoring of training requirement and processes.

Basically we do the following:
• Human capital Training and staff Development
• Recruitment, Selection and Placement of required Personnel
• Management of staff payroll and other staff welfare matters.

NETSACH LIMITED has in place, interface management strategies for Project execution with the objective of minimizing or eliminating delays, mismatches, schedule and cost escalation etc. All personnel involved in these operations are instructed to adhere and comply with these management strategies.

Specifically we address how Engineering Interfaces, Procurement Interfaces and Installation Interfaces, outside Jobs/Project Interfaces will be managed presently while highlighting foreseeable challenges.

All these are targeted towards creating value by effectively managing a wide range of back-office functions which are carried out based on high safety and quality standards combined with a high degree of competence and professionalism. We also ensure that our clients are in compliance with any applicable local, state and federal laws.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

In today’s economic situation, business owners are working hard to improve productivity and eliminate losses in every way they can. Every drop counts! In view of this, our robust monitoring system helps you eliminate pilferage or adulteration of petroleum products being transported to various locations, it gives you real time reports of volume, density and temperature in your fuel tankers in transit, improves the effectiveness of fleet and staff management thereby saving you time and money.

Fuel protection in tankers

Your fuel is protected to the least litre with our Fluid Protect System, giving you real-time reports of the condition of your products in transit as well as driver behaviors

Fuel Measuring Equipment

We posses the equipment to measure and report volumes, temperatures and density of fuel in both your stationary tanks and mobile trucks. With the likes of our Fluid Protect, PMG10 and tank content gauges, we meet your complex needs

Fuel Station Management

Our Filling Station Solution serves the purpose of measuring volumes of products in underground tanks, displaying them on a display unit and also reporting results to mobile devices of authorized personnel remotely.