2015 Downstream Oil & Gas Symposium

IBES AG introduces high level technology to the downstream oil and gas sector in Nigeria on how to eliminate product losses and maximize profit by organizing a short symposium themed; "PETROLEUM PRODUCTS MONITORING SOLUTION FOR TRUCKS IN TRANSIT".

As those in the business all know, all possible measures have been put in place to guard against fuel theft in transit, yet shortages are still being encountered. That is why Ibes in partnership with Netsach have gone the extra mile to design an independent system, which eliminates human errors and is tamper proof, to solve the problems presently being encountered in the fuel haulage business.

The technology on display is the SERCAM ProtectFluid. It is a system designed to detect pilferage/shortages in the quantity of fuel being transported by tankers all around the country.

It also detects slightest adulterations since several means have now being devised to cover up theft.
All information is accessible to you regardless of your location around the world.

We therefore invite you to be a part of this symposium where you will also watch live demonstration of operation of this system real time.

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