Truck and Fuel Management System

Truck and Fuel Management System

In loading and transporting petroleum products from one point to another using fuel trucks, shortages are encountered by marketers at different stages of operation:

  • • At the point of loading to when haulage is done, even at the tank farm
  • • In transit from the point of loading to where product will be discharged
  • • At the point of discharge of product

In today’s economic situation, business owners are working hard to improve productivity and eliminate losses in every way they can. Every drop counts! In view of this, our robust fuel truck and load monitoring system gives you the information you need to make strategic decisions to improve the effectiveness of fleet and staff management, saving you time and money. This system gives you direct access to the GOTS (global object tracking system) web service where you can monitor:

  • • Changes in volume of product per compartment
  • • Changes in density in case of adulteration
  • • Temperature change in each compartment
  • • Drivers’ speed and Location
  • • Departure/arrival time
  • • Tankers’ work rate /mileage
  • • Vehicle maintenance schedule
All of these are monitored without the intervention of a third party!

This system will send you a notification if there is a change in volume, density or temperature in non-allowed places. The change in volume may translate to pilferage, while change in density and temperature may also translate to adulteration. It supports all kinds of fuel and LPG, it is ATEX certified for explosion protection, integrated with real-time reporting functionality, tamper-proof, very rugged and almost maintenance free.

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