Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges for Ultra-Pure Gas Applications

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Wetted parts specially cleaned, flushed and electro polished.
  • Various connections possible, DNV- and GOSSTANDART-certified
  • Designed for highly demanding applications in terms of surface quality and purity of the wetted parts, particularly for measuring ultra-pure gases.
  • Tightness-tested with helium, Rear blow-out.
  • Ranges (EN 837-1/5): -1/0 to -1/+15 bar, 0/0.6 to 0/400 bar
  • Calibration medium: Nitrogen or dried air
  • Operating temperature range: Medium:  Tmax = +150 °C,  Ambient:  Tmin = -20 °C,  Tmax = +60 °C


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