Capacitance Level Indicator – CapFox® EFM 741/752/762

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • For continuous level measurement in containers, silos, tanks or filling systems (can be used as ready-to-connect filling or emptying controller).
  • Suitable for liquid, powdery, electrically conductive or non-conductive media; also suitable for pressurised or vacuum tanks.
  • Consists of a control unit with digital display (transducer), a probe and a pre-amplifier which is factory-mounted in the probe head.
  • CapFox® EFM 752 features a limit switch with freely adjustable limit value for minimum/maximum signals with variable hysteresis which can be used for control functions via a voltage-free relay contact.
  • CapFox® EFM 762 allows you to control filling or emptying processes.
  • Measuring range: 0/200 mm to 0/12,000 mm (depends on selected probe)
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2 % FS. Displayed values: 0–100 % liquid level.
  • Operating temperature range: Ambient: -10/+50 °C.
  • Relay outputs (relay contacts): EFM 741= without; EFM 752 = 1 x voltage-free changeover contact; EFM 762 = 2 x voltage-free changeover contact.
  • Visual indication (EMS 752/762): Green LED (Normal operation); Red LED (Alarm condition switch point indication). EMS 752/762 also feature integrated selector for max. Or min. fail-safe mode (high/low).


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