Compact Capacitance Level Switch – CapFox® ENT 7

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Specially designed for powdered and finely grained bulk solids or liquids.
  • Especially suitable for detecting levels in silos, hoppers, tanks & containers.
  • For rough application conditions.
  • Relay contact for connection of external equipment or alarm units.
  • Optional high-temperature version (HT).
  • Fail-safe mode: Integrated selector for min. or max. Fail-safe mode (low/high).
  • Capacitance range: 0–200 pF ; Supply voltage: AC 230 V.
  • Operating temperature range: Medium: -20/+80 °C; Ambient: -20/+60 °C.
  • Process pressure: Atmospheric pressure.
  • Supplied with a flexible probe or a rod probe.
  • Rod probe: Stainless steel 316 Ti, partially PP-insulated, Probe length 300 mm (min. length 300 mm – max. length 1,000 mm) or fully PTFE-insulated, Probe length 300 mm.
  • Flexible probe: Stainless steel 316 Ti, fully PP-insulated, Probe length 3,000 mm (min. length 1,000 mm – max. length 6,000 mm.


  • Supply voltage DC 24 V.
  • Other probe lengths.
  • Other probe designs.
  • High-temperature version up to max. 220 °C. 


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