Conductivity Level Switch – CoFox® ELT 680

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • Scope of deliver y: Level switch without probe.
  • Suitable for use with electrically conductive media, predominantly liquids, e.g. milk, wine, fruit juices, waste water or lye.
  • Also suitable for foaming or adhesive media, e.g. beer or yoghurt.
  • CoFox® ELT 680 level switch operates on the basis of conductivity.
  • Detection of interface layers between liquids with different levels of conductivity (product, foam).
  • Adjustable delay helps to avoid unwanted switching (Delay: Adjustable from 0 to 20s).
  • Contact resistance does not influence measurement.
  • The unit can be operated either with one electrode as a single-point controller or with two electrodes as a dependent dual-point controller.
  • Adjustment range:- Variable adjustment: HR: 1 kOhm to 100 kOhm; LR: 50 Ohm to 2,000 Ohm.
  • Operating temperature range: Ambient: -10/+60 °C.
  • Visual indication:- Green LED:  Power on
  • Fail-safe mode: Integrated selector for min. or max. Fail-safe mode (low/high).


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