Gas and Smoke Detector GRM

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • For natural gas and liquid gas (gas detector)
  • For early detection of smoke (smoke detector)
  • Audible and visual alarms; Acknowledge button and relay output
  • Self-monitoring for line interruption, short circuit and sensor defect
  • For continuous monitoring of explosive gases, vapours and smoke and for generating alarms in conjunction with the appropriate sensors.
  • GRM is installed in heating rooms and basements, storage, office and residential buildings as well as public facilities to increase safety. Not suitable for installation in hazardous areas (EX areas).
  • The voltage free relay contact allows you to switch additional external signalling equipment such as the event reporting system EMS, horns, lamps, fans or fan controllers in the case of alarm or fault conditions.
  • Distance control unit – sensor: Max. 150 m

The following sensor combinations are possible with GRM:

  1.  1 gas sensor and 1 smoke sensor
  2.  2 gas sensors
  3. 2 smoke sensors
  4. 1 gas sensor
  5. 1 smoke sensor



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