Guided Micropulse Level Indicator – PulsFox® PMG 10

Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • For continuous high-precision level measurement in containers, tanks or silos such as water supply tanks; Solvents, NH, foam, alcohol, oil/water― Separators; also suitable for pressurised or vacuum tanks.
  • Suitable for liquid, powdery, granular, electrically conductive or non-conductive media such as cement, limestone; highly viscous liquids; Plastic powder, e.g. PVC; Granular plastic materials; Light powders with a low dielectric constant; Alcohols; etc.
  • Operates on the basis of the TDR principle (time domain reflectometry).
  • Do not have any moving parts, thus being almost maintenance-free.
  • Ideal for changing media (no recalibration is required when a different medium is used).
  • Large measuring ranges (tank heights/diameters): B/E probe ≤ 24 m; C probe ≤ 6 m; F probe ≤ 3 m.
  • A great number of materials & process connections are available & allow application of systems even with extremely corrosive media or in the food industry, for example.
  • Operating temperature range: Medium: -30/+200 °C; Flange: -30/ +90 °C; Ambient: -30/ +60 °C (EX version -30/ +55 °C); Process pressure: 40 bar.
  • Measuring accuracy― Liquids: L < 15m: ±5 mm; L ≥ 15m: ±0.05% of measured value; Powders/Granular materials: L < 15 m: ±20 mm; L ≥ 15 m: ±0.05% of measured value.

*Note: L = Probe length ≈ tank height or diameter.


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