Hydrostatic Level Indicator HydroFox® DMU 08

Product Description

HydroFox® DMU 01 is meant for continuous measurement levels especially in underground tanks, wells, and drilling holes. Liquid level is not limited. It is suitable for application at Filling Stations, homes and offices.


  • Compact and sturdy stainless steel design
  •  SIL 2
  • Special caliberation for all standard pressure units possible
  • Version with PUR or FEP cable
  • Uses silicon technology and feature calibrated, amplified sensor signals which are available as standardised voltage or current outputs.
  • Remote indication for the DMU 08 is limitless.
  • Measuring Accuracy: Deviation from the characteristic curve according to IEC 60770 – limit point setting (non-linearity, hysteresis, repeatability): < ±0.35 % FSO (measuring ranges 0/100 mbar to 0/400 mbar < ±0.5 % FSO)



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