Hydrostatic Level Indicator Tank Control (01 ZT)

Product Description

Features and Benefits

  • Additional probe for differential alarm.
  • For tank heights or diameters of 0.9 to 3 metres.
  • Measuring accuracy ±1.5% of full scale value (measuring range 0/300mbar).
  • Graphical indication of consumption and remaining range.
  • Remote measurement up to 15 metres away from the tank.
  • With visual/audible alarms, Acknowledge button and 2 relays; when the level falls below or exceeds an adjustable minimum or maximum value, the control unit triggers visual and audible (can be acknowledged) alarms. If an adjustable level difference between submersible probe 1 and submersible probe 2 is exceeded, an alarm is triggered.
  • Suitable for signalling level difference in communicating tanks (e.g. battery tanks).
  • The system displays litres, m3, % or fuel level (mm).
  • Two additional relay contacts are available for external alarm devices such as alarm horn.
  • Supply voltage AC 230 V and lithium battery for backup (calendar function).


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