Level Measurement and Reporting System using PMG 01/10

Product Description

Features and Benefits


  • Ex-approved for use in Harzardous areas like Petroleum Storage Tank Farms
  • Measures product levels/volume in tanks to a high accuracy of +/- 5mm.
  • For tank heights of up to 24 metres.
  • Applicable in various tank shapes, E.g. vertically cylindrical, horizontally cylindrical, spherical, rectangular and other irregularly shaped tanks.
  • Table with up to 24 points on a characteristic curve can be input.
  • Up to 4 Voltage-free changeover contacts (Relays).
  • Remote monitoring available.
  • Optional visual/audible alarms and acknowledge button; when the level falls below or exceeds an adjustable minimum or maximum value, the control unit can trigger visual and/or audible (can be acknowledged) alarms.
  • The system can display litres, m3, %, fuel level (mm) or a freely programmable unit.


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